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Anna Riley-Shepard (she/they)

January 8 Afternoon Instructor and Showcase Artist

Anna Riley-Shepard is an American-born dancer, multidisciplinary maker, neuroscientist, and social & environmental strategist based in Amsterdam, NL. She holds a degree in cognitive neuroscience & dance from Harvard University, completed professional dance training at Steps On Broadway (NYC) & Compagnia Zappalà Danza (IT), and advances intersectional sustainability through her work across cultural, non-profit, and private sectors. As a dancer, she has had the pleasure of collaborating and performing with, among others, Ogmia Dance Company, Candela Murillo/STARKBRAVADO, Heidi Vierthaler, Liat Magnezy Productions, Plan d- Theatre (Andreas Denk), Lali Ayguadé, Boston Dance Theatre, Iris Woutera Co., TerazNow Dance Theatre (Maciej Beczek), and the Otherwise Collective. As a maker, she is concerned with the human practice of “othering”, which has precipitated the most pressing relational breakdowns of our time: the breakdown of our relationship to ourselves (manifesting in battles over identity, body & mental health), to each other (manifesting in local and global structural inequities), and to our planet (manifesting in natural resource depletion, ecological destruction, and climate change). Her recent works, Rewilding the Body (2022), The Plant Is Present (2022), A Wave is Just a Circle Dispersed by Time (2021), Vincula (2020) all engage with and seek to subvert this practice.



Insta: sporteyspiceysouthernxunt


Anna Riley-Shepard (she/they)
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